36 Fernshaw Road

CLIENT: Private


ARCHITECT: Markam Associates

DATE: 18th December 2010

PROJECT INFO: Conversion of 2 maisonettes into a 2,700 sq ft house with basement dug out and 2nd floor extension.

PLANS: fernshaw_p_01 fernshaw_p_02

For this project, the client required the conversion of 2 maisonettes properties into a contemporary, modern family home. The design brief called for the amalgamation of the 2 maisonettes into a single 2,700 sq ft spacious residency. Including, a subterranean area under the rear garden, and rear extensions on both the lower ground and second floor and all associated structural works.

Following the acquisition of planning permission, our expert construction team carried out extensive renovation, remodeling and extension works on the maisonettes. Extensive groundworks and structural works were needed. We performed extensive excavations and structural work in the garden and under the houses.

The result was a spacious, stylish, modern home with a contemporary design. The ground floor extensions allow for an extremely spacious contemporary living area.
We relaid the garden in an attractive, elegant design. The living area underneath is completely concealed.